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Download “CEAI’S commitment to Bond Hill and Roselawn”

Bond Hill and Roselawn are communities that have a higher percentage of homeownership when compared to other Cincinnati neighborhoods. These communities are the focus of redevelopment that will embrace commercial development and preserve and increase resident’s control over their local economies.  CEAI is committed to asset based community development (ACBD). The ABCD based community development model is the only true sustainable method for community development.  Communities already possess the gifts, skills, and passions to create a satisfactory and stable quality of life across generations. The gifts, skills, and passions need to be revealed, connected, and community driven.

Increasing business owners is one major approach to empowering the community. Sustained community destabilization has led to neighborhood decay and a lack of opportunities to create and grow businesses.  This has been a greater challenge to increasing black owned businesses.

Communities can once again build and transfer wealth across generations. Communities can create businesses for more control of their earning power, to provide for their families, and help their neighbors. CEAI will partner with community and associations to identify, prepare, and grow businesses.

Another crucial resource for economic development is ownership of real estate. For many, home ownership is more than the American dream; it is an effective personal wealth builder. For African Americans, low and moderate-income residents, and other minorities, home ownership is often unattainable or a nightmare that impedes financial growth.

Communities need consistent wealth-building opportunities. For the benefit of families and neighborhoods, mortgage products, personal financial management training, and home ownership, ownership preparation must be mainstreamed to avoid predatory lending and foreclosures. The current focus on real estate development projects in Cincinnati has led to displacement; residential and commercial property ownership has become less accessible for African Americans in all City neighborhoods including Bond Hill and Roselawn. CEAI will facilitate training to increase personal financial management skills so people can manage their finances for generational benefit.

CEAI will also focus on providing access to personal development programs so that members of the community can become the best versions of themselves. Some personal development initiatives are universal to all community members, and will be tailored to support individual potential.

During more empowered times, African Americans, in greater numbers, advanced their skills, trades, and education to benefit the community. CEAI will identify partnerships for career readiness training so that participants can take advantage of current and emerging job opportunities.

The founders and organizational leadership look forward to celebrating progressive and cumulative success.