Goal 1: Support the Creation and Growth of Businesses

Objective 1: Identify markets where there are business opportunities

Objective 2: Work with organizations to support development of business readiness

Objective 3: Promote community business owners

Objective 4: Advocate for policies that increase opportunities for African American owned businesses

Goal 2: Increase Real Estate Ownership

Objective 1: Work with community partners to create more purchase-ready home buyers

Objective 2: Acquire and develop quality housing stock

Objective 3: Acquire, develop, and retain commercial property

Objective 4: Create housing rehabilitation programs for existing homeowners

Objective 5: Advocate for policies that increase successful real property ownership

Goal 3: Support Development and Financial Growth Programs

Objective 1: Facilitate connections to workforce training opportunities

Objective 2: Develop effective personal financial management skills

Objective 3: Facilitate connections to financial development programs

Objective 4: Partner to create an effective children’s savings account program

Objective 5: Partner to create effective youth leadership partnerships

Objective 6: Foster whole family development

Objective 7: Advocate for policies that support personal growth and fair employment

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