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Community Economic Advancement Initiatives (CEAI) is a not for profit development organization. The specific and primary purpose of the Corporation is to operate as a community economic development, finance and community engagement organization that is dedicated to strategically revitalizing the City of Cincinnati’s predominantly African American communities in partnership with the City of Cincinnati, Hamilton County, corporations located in Cincinnati and Cincinnati’s philanthropic community, through job creation, business development and ownership, crime reduction and economic sustainability, and to engage in charitable and educational activities.

To implement these strategies, CEAI will offer an impressive array of programs including but not limited to:

  • Property Acquisition – acquire blighted and vacant properties for future business and housing development
  • Real Estate Development – revitalize Hamilton County neighborhoods using inclusive, asset based community development principles that encourages development without displacement
  • Business Growth and Development – assist in the growth and development of African American businesses. Assistance will include training, access to capital and strategic partnering.
  • Inclusion – hire African American construction companies to build and renovate properties. Require these companies to employ workers from the community. Develop agreements with other businesses who move into the area to hire neighborhood residents.
  • Home Ownership and Renovation – financial literacy classes including budgeting, credit counseling, savings and investment. Home ownership is also available. Participants can receive personal financial management counseling and coaching as well.
  • Financial Products – Financial services products will be made available to participants who meet certain performance qualifications. Coaching is also available.
  • Individual Development Accounts – personal savings accounts designed to assist families with low net worth create a base for building financial security.
  • Personal Development – Residents can participate in personal development classes and coaching comprised of visioning and goal setting, resource development and accountability partnering.

CEAI is devoted to a holistic approach to community development which addresses the physical, economic and social aspects of neighborhood improvement. CEAl cooperates with  CDC’s, residents and other organizations to ensure that it is leveraging additional resources in concert with the desires of the neighborhood. CEAl initiated its work in the Roselawn and Bond Hill neighborhoods revitalizing the business districts along the Reading Road Corridor.


Create and support social, economic and cultural ment in the arts, education, recreation, employment and spirituality that enhances ownership, connection, caring and kinship in the African American Community


A thriving culture of social and economic empowerment in the African American Community.


  • Believes in uncovering and building on the strengths and possibilities that exist within communities
  • Is driven by the principle of development without displacement
  • Believes in modeling and promoting a standard and expectation of excellence
  • Believes in dignity of and respect for all people
  • Is driven by the history of our ancestors who fought tirelessly for justice and equality